Regatta Tracking

Keep up to date on a major sailing event from ashore


With the easyPOSALERT, WeatherDock has made it possible for spectators to trace the course of a thrilling sailing regatta, by mounting this small portable transmitter on ships. These transmitters determine the current position by way of an integrated GPS module and transmit this position via VHF-radio to an onshore receiver. The position of each vessel is reported back every 6 seconds; however the transmission time can be shortened down to 2 seconds if necessary. The transmitted data also includes the current speed and course over ground (COG).


The data transmission is effected by means of a specific frequency, provided by WeatherDock, meaning that the participating ships can be summarized as a “closed user group”. By using a “closed user group”, we can ensure that the normal radio communications in the area are not affected and that no one else can see or manipulate this information.


Onshore, the incoming data is converted into data logs and forwarded to a software program, which edits the information and presents it is a more visually appealing way.


Other data such a wind velocity or current conditions at specific points can also be included in the software and thus in the presentation to the spectators, provided that this data is available and/or transmitted.