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Our mission is to reduce risk in the marine and energy sectors by providing the best solution with the highest standard of integrity and customer service.

Our offerings include the highest quality marine safety and rescue systems available. Our recommendation for a rescue solution is based on the end users perceived risk, mitigation objectives and our own experiences. We sell security and peace of mind that when these rescue systems are installed, and employees are properly trained, the risk of a serious man over board event will decrease significantly.


The original premise-based AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) was built for some of the world's most secure sites operating both onshore and offshore. The industrial strength offering was approached as a holistic efficiency system, designed from the ground up as per every customer's unique requirements. Since then, we've taken our experience and design to a cloud-based offering.

Our cloud-based system Automated Cloud Notification System (ACNS) is a business continuity system, offering flexibility and reliability for your needs. From basic hotline and IVR to Mass Notification with Muster, ACNS can be tailored to meet a world of requirements. Our device agnostic platform is easily accessed for impromptu or scheduled notifications by text, voice, or a combination to integrated active databases and sub-directories.

AutoCrew Management System

Designed for efficiency, the AutoCrew Management System (ACMS) is web based, holistic in approach, and requires no proprietary hardware. Our open architecture design provides true interoperability. MRT proudly offers dependable and convenient solutions to travel logistics, gangway management, certificate tracking, and automatic reporting. With convenience in mind, we created a specification that offers end users a clear alternative and superior solution to existing POB and muster systems.

ACNS offers holistic coverage and reliable continuity through global partners

ACNS is unique in its response tracking and location requesting abilities. Used independently or combined, these features create a powerful and virtually unlimited number of use cases and scenarios.

When gathering additional information is required for emergencies, or preferable in non-emergencies such as marketing campaigns, ACNS offers the best partnership solution. Applicable across diverse situations and industries, ACNS provides the solution your customers are seeking.