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Technology Comparison

We are a big believer in any system that reduces the risk of a fatal MOB event. Today there are many choices in MOB systems and with that comes a significant amount of confusion. A proper understanding of how the units operate and integrate into your PFD's is a vital part of using these life saving devices.We aim to make sense out of the choices so that you the customer are aware of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as making the right selection for your application.

New advances in technology allow alerts to be compatible with existing shipboard electronics such as, AIS, VHF-DSC and chart plotters. These advances allow for alerts to be plug-and-play, eliminating the need for additional electronics, topside antenna installation and extensive user training. The universal use of these technologies in both brown and blue water, in large and small vessels also means a collaborative rescue effort for anyone equipped with the proper alert.

The table below breaks down by technology three of the most important considerations when choosing the right alert for your application:

Locally Managed Rescue- Is the unit alerting a rescue effort nearby/vessels in the vicinity or is it signaling a satellite to alert authorities that are further away?

Automatic Activation- Does the alert begin transmission automatically when it has made contact with water or upon inflation of a PFD?

Proprietary Receiver Required- Do the units require a special receiver to interpret and use their signal?

Frequency Locally Managed Rescue Automatic Activation Proprietary Receiver Required
406 PLB No No No (Optional)
121.5 MHz Yes Yes Yes
AIS MOB SART Yes Depending
on Model
121.5/AIS Yes Depending
on Model
on Model
approved S.A.R.T.
Yes Yes No
VHF-DSC & AIS Yes Yes No

We recommend automatic or water activated units and a locally managed rescue versus an assisted rescue whereby Coast Guard gets the MOB alarm and must initiate the rescue from a distance.

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