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The MarkusNet is a multi-functional recovery system which provides a host of options for the rescue of a man overboard (MOB). MarkusNet is manufactured for all types and sizes of deck boats, ships, piers, dams, canal walls and offshore platforms. The MarkusNet unit can be used to rescue a MOB in standing, sitting, or horizontal position, either manually and hoist-assisted.

1 150 010Y

Markus MS.00 Sailing
1 150 010B

Markus MS.02 Boating
1 151 000

Markus MS.10 for up to a 10 meter freeboard
1 152 000

Markus MS.20 for up to a 20 meter freeboard
1 153 000

Markus MS.30 for up to a 30 meter freeboard
1 154 000

Markus MS.40 for up to a 40 meter freeboard