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sMRT V100-ATEX Zone 1 DSC + AIS
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All PLB's and alerts must be properly fitted with an integration kits or fitted into a PDF that is pocket ready for the specific MOB alert model. See sMRTV100 integration kit
Product Information:
sMRT V100 X ATEX Zone 1 DSC + AIS sMRT V100 (International) DSC + AIS. CrewSafe V100-Open Loop (International, excluding USA) The sMRT V100 is the first water activated Maritime Survivor Locating Device that transmits real-time GPS coordinates of a man overboard
Product Dimensions:
Height(mm): 285.75
Height(cm): 28.58
Height(inch): 11.25
Height(feet): 0.94

Width(mm): 19.05
Width(cm): 1.91
Width(inch): 0.75
Width(feet): 0.06

Length(mm): 50.8
Length(cm): 5.08
Length(inch): 2
Length(feet): 0.17

Weight(lb): 0.55
Weight(kg): 0.25
Weight(gr): 250