sMRT SARfinder Base Unit; 10m and 8m Cable Boat Electrics


sMRT SARfinder Base Unit, + Antenna + 10m and 8m Cable Boat Electrics

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Mobilarm SarFinder 1003 MK3 Dedicated 3 band (121.5, 121.65 & 121.75) MOB Alarm & Locate base unit. Features Include; New extended tracking range 2-3 miles, New heavy duty compact antenna with one piece antenna tubes, New waterproof heavy duty metal display enclosure, New easy to read display outlay, New average bearing software for improved tracking, Automatic immediate alerting & locating of an MOB, External Siren/Alarm for loud audio MOB alerting, 12v power and Waterproof IP66 display. Package includes: SARfinder Display, Antenna, 20m cable & brackets, + 10m and 8m Cable Boat Electrics.


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